Ministry Of Freedom Review

Ministry Of Freedom Review

Ministry Of Freedom Review

Hey everyone, and welcome to my review of Jono Armstrong’s Ministry Of Freedom!
I am an actual member (kind of, more on this in a bit) of this course, and i’m going to show you everything you need to know about it.

With that said, if you still have questions you’re free to contact me and we can either hop on a quick zoom call, or you can ask me questions by email/Facebook.

Alternatively, you can enter your email to the right side of the screen where it says learn more about Ministry Of Freedom, and get daily emails where I explain things even more in-depth than what this review will be.

Anyway, my email is

At the bottom of this page, you will see six exclusive bonuses that you can only get from me, and that’s also where you’ll find the buy button, should you choose to join us.

(One of the bonuses has a REAL value of $149 – Inside of the Ministry Of Freedom members area, you will be offered to buy a Done For You Website for $149-$299.
If you buy MOF from the link at the bottom of this page, I will create the $299 website for you completely for free. The only thing you will need to pay for is hosting/domain, i’ll take care of the rest!)

Now, before I explain everything that you get with MOF, let me quickly introduce myself so you don’t get confused when I later on in this review will say things like “we will do this for you” etc.

Who Is Writing This Review?


Me and Jono in Vegas


Glad you asked!

My name is Jonas Lindgren, and i’ve known Jono since 2017 which is when we first started talking on Facebook.

Since then, we’ve pretty much talked on a daily basis.

I’ve worked for Jono on this program since day 1.

I’ve worked from home full time since 2013, but not really very profitable until around 2017.

Anyway, if you want to know more about me, enter your email on the right hand side of this page and in the first email I send you, you’ll see a welcome video from me where I go a little bit more in-depth.

What do I do inside of MOF?

I do live webinars on Zoom twice a week for all the members, every Thursday and Sunday at 1pm EST.

On these webinars, I answer all of your questions live, and every now and then i’ll teach some cool strategies that i’ve picked up over the last couple of years.

Warning: Things tend to get a little crazy sometimes, and whenever I run out of questions to answer, I usually start talking about tv series/movies/travel instead.

So if you don’t want to hear about that kinda stuff..make sure you have a bunch of questions!

These calls are all recorded and uploaded to the Facebook group shortly after it ends, so in case you can’t make it, no worries!

Okay, enough talking about myself.

Let’s get to the real reason why you’re here:

What Is Ministry Of Freedom?

Ministry Of Freedom members area

Ministry Of Freedom members area

This is Jono Armstrong’s coaching program, where he reveals everything he is doing to make a mindblowing $100,000+ every single month, in profit.

The course is setup through weekly modules, and you get access to the first 4 weeks immediately when you join.
(if you’re more advanced or would just like the remaining modules unlocked immediately as well, just message me after you purchase and i’ll unlock them for you)

The first thing Jono wants you to do after you log in to the members area, is to sign up for the Ministry Of Freedom Facebook group.

This is a super active group where both members, Jono, myself and Dave are helping out every single day, so if (when) you have questions, just ask and you will typically get an answer within a few hours at the most.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the group looks like:

Once you’ve requested to join the group, myself or Dave will approve you and then you’re in!

(Note: You are required to provide the email you purchased MOF in order to be approved. This group is for members only, so if you’re reading this but won’t be picking it up, please do not request to join the group since we won’t approve you anyway)

Course Introduction

In this module, there’s only two short videos from Jono where he basically welcomes you to the course.

Not much else to say about this, so let’s move on.

Week 1: Mindset, commitment and success

Ministry Of Freedom Review

Ministry Of Freedom Review

I know what you’re probably thinking now.

“I’m going to skip this section, it doesn’t seem important”

Please don’t.

Jono is the #1 affiliate on WarriorPlus in the world for a reason.

Well, several reasons to be honest, but one of the reasons is that he’s definitely got the whole mindset thing nailed, so please watch every single second of the videos in here.

There’s a pretty funny assessment that you’ll have to do before moving on to the next module.

Don’t worry, it’s easy and the correct answer is usually very obvious.

For example, one question is something like this:

“If you get stuck, what do you do?”

a) Go sit in the corner and cry
b) Ask for thelp in the Facebook group

In short, you won’t have any problems passing!

The Organic Module

Two videos in here, the first one is a super quick overview video, and the second video is roughly 22 minutes where Jono briefly shows you what you need in order to be able to follow along with the next couple of modules.

It’s basic stuff that you most likely already have,  such as a webcam, a microphone, a computer and a screen recording software (free software is available)

Jono will also talk a bit about launching your own product.

Week 2: Tools and Applications

In this module, Jono will go more in-depth into what you need.

For example, he will recommend a good webcam, a good microphone and a cheap computer.

You may already have these things however.

I personally used the built in webcam and mic on my laptop for the first couple of years when I did this, so if you already have a computer, a webcam and a mic of fairly good quality, you don’t need to buy anything else.

If you use Windows, Jono recommends you to use OBS Studio for recording your screen, if you’re using a Mac however, like I do, I would recommend to just use Quicktime instead which you already have built into your Mac.

After that, Jono talks about where you can get hosting and a domain so that you can set up a website if you want. This is very cheap, hosting is around $6-$10 per month, and a domain is around $10/year.

The next video in this module, is called Done For You Website (Optional) and if you choose to go with this option, I will build a website for you!

The prices as of the time of me writing this is $299 and $499, depending on what kind of website you want.

If you purchase Ministry Of Freedom from the link on this page however, you will get a $200 coupon code which is valid on any of the two websites!
(more bonuses will be shown at the bottom of this review)

The remaining videos mentions affiliate websites that you should sign up for, so you can start making money.

Jono also mentions a product called Commission Gorilla, which let’s you very easily build certain pages.
I use this myself, and it’s highly recommended. It’s $47/year, and if you buy it, you will be able to import Jono’s pages which will save you a ton of time.

Week 3 and 4: Launch Jacking

This module covers a super profitable and free method that both myself and Jono have made tons of money from.

Now it’s your turn!

Launch Jacking, in short, is when you upload a video review or website review for a product that is just launching.

You then benefit from the buzz of the product launch.


Most of the traffic to a product launch comes from other affiliates email lists.

Many affiliates have lists of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, that they will email and let them know about this new product.

However, not everyone will buy directly from the affiliate..

..some people will go to Google and/or YouTube and type in “Product name review”

You could technically say that this Ministry Of Freedom review is a launch jack, actually.

That’s where you come in, with your top ranked website or video, and you simply “jack” some of the traffic that other people are sending to the launch.

If you make a good review, you have a good chance of getting the sale, thus making commissions.

I made an easy $3-$6k/month when I did this back in the days, and Jono often made $700+ PER DAY.

It all comes down to how many reviews you record and upload, the more reviews you make, the more money you can make.

I was/am pretty lazy, Jono is not!

That’s launch jacking for you, but there is one more thing in this module that is so ridiculously powerful and valuable, that makes Ministry Of Freedom a complete no-brainer.

No Other Coaching Program Does This – Ever

Jono will also be doing launch jacking, but instead of him using his own affiliate link, he will be using YOUR affiliate link, and other members, several times per month.
(assuming you make a review of the product he tells you to do a review for, that’s the criteria to be added to the rotator)
Note: The rotator is only available to people that pay in full ($1497) or first after that you’ve paid off all split payments.

This is done through a so called rotator link, which in short works like this:

Let’s say 100 people click to watch Jono’s review video.

Out of those 100 people, 50 of them decide to buy, so they click the link in the description of Jono’s video on YouTube.

When they click, they get taken to Jono’s so called “bonus page” (in short, a simple page where you list your bonuses)

Once there, these 50 people click the buy now button.

This is where the “magic”  happens.

If let’s say there’s 10 members in the rotator, it will work like this:

The first person that wants to buy and clicks the buy button, might come to your affiliate link if you’re listed first in the rotator (this is random)
The second person that clicks, will come to another members affiliate link.
The third person that clicks, will come to another members affiliate link.
Once the 10th person clicks, they will come to the 10th members link.

After this, it simply goes back to the top, and on and on it goes.

Once you join MOF, you will be added to a group between 1 and 4, and whenever it’s rotator time for your’s showtime.

While the rotator itself can’t guarantee any sales since it’s completely random, MANY members have made more than half of their investment into Ministry Of Freedom back just from the rotator alone, and some have even got their whole investment back.

This is, in my eyes at least, the definition of free money.

I have never seen anyone else ever offer something like this before, and I highly doubt I ever will.


This alone makes the whole purchase of Ministry Of Freedom the biggest no-brainer of all time.

Week 5: Advanced Launch Jacking Strategies

Alright, we’re almost 1800 words into this review, I clearly write too much so i’ll try and keep things a bit shorter from now:

In this module, you’re going to learn how to instead of rely on being ranked at the top of YouTube/Google, run ads and basically control the traffic yourself by using YouTube or Google Ads.

Week 6: Soft Launching

In this module, you’ll learn how to create your very first product, even if you have no idea what to create at the moment.

Jono has simplified the process as much as possible, to the point where anyone can do this if they take action on it.

Week 7: Email Marketing

Jono is REALLY good at email marketing, and converts visitors into sales better than almost everyone else in this industry.

His emails are actually very simple, and in many cases he is pretty much just re-using the same emails over and over again..however, the way he sets things up is absolutely brilliant, and I would highly recommend you watch every single video in this module, and then start writing your emails exactly like Jono does it!

List Building With Paid Traffic

This is a bit of a bonus module, where Jono shows you how you can build a list using YouTube and Bing ads.

He shows you how to build a squeeze page, a follow up series and how to set the actual ads up.

Week 8: Product Launching

This is a massive module and I just passed 2000 words, so i’ll keep this short and to the point as well:

In this module, you’re going to learn absolutely everything you need to know about product launching.

By the time you have gone through the module, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to launch your first product yourself.

What’s perhaps even cooler is that if you follow the instructions and outsource the sales page copy/design to Jono’s team, he will personally promote your launch with not only a YouTube review, but he will send an email to his massive list as well, which is pretty much a guarantee that you’ll make a lot of sales.

Software research and outsourcing

This will be little bit too advanced for most people, but in this module Jono shows you how you can get software created, that you can then do a product launch of.

Week 9: Paid Traffic

This is my favorite module of all the modules inside of Ministry Of Freedom.


Because you’re being handed proven to convert ads on a silver platter.


You get access to Jono’s highest converting ad videos, his targeting, everything.

The only thing you have to do is copy and paste them into your own Google Ads account, and that’s it.

Mo made over $10,000 in profit his first month with these copy and paste ads.
Chi made over $1,500 in a couple of days.
Oskar made over $3,000 in profit in the last 7 days.
I’ve made over $4,000 in profit in the last 7 days

The only thing they did, literally, was to copy and paste all of the information over to their own ad accounts and that’s it.

Once an ad is setup, it runs on near autopilot.

This is just crazy on so many levels, but ultimately this + the rotator would be enough of a reason for me to join, and i’d happily have paid 2x of what the cost of MOF actually is, which brings me to..

How Much Does Ministry Of Freedom Cost?

Honestly, not enough.

Jono is stupid for selling it at this price (don’t tell him I said that though!) but at the time of me writing this, the cost is just $1497 which is ridiculously low for all the content you get.

He should be charging more, and I know he has plans of raising the price by a lot eventually.

So in case I forget to update this review once the price goes up and you click the buy button and the price is $4997 or more, I apologize, but to be honest it’s still definitely worth it at that price.

Ministry Of Freedom Testimonials

Well, let’s start off with myself:

I’ve been using the exact same business model as Jono over the last couple of years, although on a much smaller scale than him.

Here’s what i’ve made as an affiliate since I got started:

I started the “copy and paste method” that Jono gives all members access to around 10 days ago, and i’ve made around $5000 so far from it:
(Profit is roughly $3800. Around $1500 from my earnings shown below in the last 7 days are from unrelated things)

I am NOT alone in making money with what Jono is teaching inside of MOF however:

Mo makes over $8,000 in profit from the copy and paste method his FIRST MONTH!
(he ended up making a couple more sales after the picture was taken)

Oskar makes $3000+ profit in 7 days with the copy and paste method!

David makes $400+ from the rotator alone, in ONE day!

Here’s the thing:

I could go on and on and one with similar testimonials to this.

I haven’t counted, but i’m pretty sure there’s hundreds of testimonials by now from people that have never made a dime online before.

If you want more testimonials, let me know and i’ll send over several more.

Ministry Of Freedom Bonuses

So you’re saying what you get inside of MOF isn’t enough, you want MORE?

Okay. Sure. If that’s what you want, then how about this:

Bonus #1: FREE Gold DFY website. Currently sells for $149 inside of the Ministry of Freedom members area.

Bonus #2: Use all of the bonuses that I offer to people in my own promotions, forever, in your own promotions.

Bonus #3: One on one 1 hour Skype call

Bonus #4: Use any of my emails for your own promos

Bonus #5: Get free beta access to all my future products (all products under $97)

Bonus #6: I spent $500 to be able to give this course to you. It’s called SEO Affiliate Domination, and it’s created by a guy named Greg, who makes over $20,000 per month with small and ugly websites.

It’s a fantastic course, but if you end up buying MOF, focus on that first, and then the bonus course later on.

Alright, 3000+ words later and I am ready to wrap it up.

If you want to hear even more about this, feel free to watch my video review here:

If you want to buy Ministry of Freedom, you can buy it here:

IMPORTANT: If you want to make sure you get my bonuses, including the free website, either clear your cookies before clicking the buy button, or copy and paste the link into another browser that you have not previously watched Jono’s webinar on. If you accidentally purchase from someone else, unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about that, and you will lose out on my bonuses.

Thank you so much for watching my Ministry Of Freedom review, I hope you liked it.

If you have any questions, send an email to and i’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

/Jonas Lindgren